Future Forward: A trilateral learning exchange in community philanthropy

This program is designed to strengthen the global community philanthropy movement by supporting emerging community foundation leaders through learning exchange.

Program Overview


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The Alliance of Community Foundations of Germany is excited to be a part of “Future Forward”, a new trilateral learning exchange in community philanthropy. This program is an opportunity for community foundation staff in Canada, Germany and Russia to build new skills and knowledge that will strengthen their emerging leadership potential, enhance their work, and contribute to the global movement of community philanthropy in new ways.
The goals of this program are to:

  • Advance the field and practice of community and place-based philanthropy in Canada, Germany, and Russia.
  • Strengthen and enhance the global community foundation movement.
  • Foster and encourage the professional development of community foundation leaders in their organizations, communities and the community foundation movement.
  • Better prepare community foundations for issues of the future.


This program is intended to be an immersive experience, giving participants opportunities to step away from their day-to-day work to learn, share, and grow with community foundation colleagues from around the world. The inaugural cohort for this program will explore the future of community and community foundations, diving deep on topics that include the urban-rural divide, engaging youth in philanthropy, and technology’s impact on our collective work.

This will be done through international in-person gatherings in Canada, Germany, and Russia, as well as through events and activities in each participant’s home country. Future Forward is hosted by Community Foundations of Canada, Charities Aid Foundation (Russia), Association of German Foundations, and the Stuttgart Community Foundation (Germany), with support and collaboration from the Robert Bosch Foundation.

The program will run from winter 2019 to spring 2020. Each country’s cohort will consist of five to six participants.

The program’s cohort will meet in person three times throughout the duration of the program, for approximately five days per gathering. The schedule is:

  • July 31 – August 3, 2019: Wasan Island, Ontario, Canada
  • Fall 2019: Paretz, Germany
  • Spring 2020: Russia

Through this unique partnership, the travel expenses for the national cohort to attend the three above meetings will be covered, as well as support for any required visas or other travel assistance. Community Foundations of Canada will also coordinate opportunities for its national cohort to meet in between the international meetings, which may take place in-person or virtually.

Those who are interested in applying for this exciting opportunity may do so between February 19, 2019 and March 28, 2019. Participants will be selected by March 31, 2019.
Those interested in applying to this opportunity will be asked to complete a Google Form, which will ask a series of short and long answer questions. The questions can be previewed by downloading the application questions in Word, but the final application must be submitted via Google Forms.

As this opportunity is open to community foundation staff, the applicant’s community foundation will be asked to demonstrate their support and confirm that the applicant will be granted the time to participate in all three international meetings that occur as a part of this exchange, as well as any meetings that take place at the national level.

As part of the application, applicants will be asked to provide a testimonial from their community foundation’s leadership to confirm their support and provide a recommendation for the applicant. Also as part of the application, applicants will be asked if their community foundation is willing to provide any additional financial or in-kind support for the program.
This is not a mandatory requirement for the program, but may allow CFC to engage its national cohort more deeply in between the international sessions.